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Sleep Training Not Working? The Top 5 Things That Can Sabotage Your Efforts

Using sleep training to improve your little one’s sleep can be challenging, but it gets downright frustrating if your best efforts just don’t seem to work. That’s why we’re sharing this FREE webinar to help you troubleshoot some of the most common factors that can interfere with your sleep training.

Troubleshooting sleep training for babies and toddlers

Click image to play webinar.

In this helpful 35-minute video, our own Kiri Gurd, PhD, MSc, will explain the five most common “sleep-training saboteurs” and how you can fix them to get your baby or toddler’s sleep training back on track. With easy-to-follow slides, Dr. Gurd guides you step-by-step through a troubleshooting checklist, including:

  • Environment

  • Sleep/Wake Schedules

  • Pacifiers and Feeding Needs

  • Parental Consistency

  • Medical Concerns

Also contained in the video are links to several more of our Baby Sleep Science resources, which give you a better understanding of how and why your baby sleeps (or doesn’t). We have so much great information in our blog articles and webinars. As always, if you find yourself needing additional personalized advice, we are here to help!


Need More Help?

We offer several options for optimizing your child's sleep:

SLEEP TRAINING CLASS (for well babies 6-15 months)

PHONE CONSULTATIONS (with one of our sleep experts)

THE SECRET TO NAPS (downloadable e-book)


Additional Resources:

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