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Mini-Guides to Nighttime Sleep Training

These information-packed and visually appealing documents include step by step information for implementing one specific type of nighttime sleep training.  


With these mini-guides, you'll learn night-by-night specifics and can record progress on the included worksheet. Plus, optional modifications for more soothing or less soothing are available to tailor the approach to your parenting style, baby's temperament, and baby's response to sleep training. 


Ideal for well babies who: 

  • are at least 6 months old 

  • follow at least a rough schedule (perfection not required!)

  • eat at fairly predictable times overnight 


Note: These guides are not intended for nap sleep. 

Baby's Grasp

The Check and Console Method

The Check and Console Method is easily modifiable to include more or less soothing and interaction depending on parenting style and baby's temperament.


This method takes about 7-10 days. 


While mild separation anxiety is common for most babies, this method is not the best choice for babies who are experiencing intense separation anxiety.  

Download the Check and Console for just $10 by clicking the button below.

This method is not the best strategy to use for naptime, but we cover that in our nap training guide!) 

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