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We are so excited to announce our partnership with Huckleberry Labs.   Huckleberry is an app/service for parents of 5-month to 5-year-olds who could use better sleep.  


Here's how it works: As you log sleep patterns, the SweetSpot feature will tell you when your child is likely to next be tired but not overtired.  You can also upgrade to receive an analysis via their app.  Their algorithms and team then provide you with an assessment and set of recommendations that are known to work for your exact situation.  Download for free at


If you need personalized one-on-one sleep help, we at Baby Sleep Science can of course still help with that and, using Huckleberry, we will be able to take your child's sleep logs into account.


Huckleberry was founded by some seriously smart and incredibly educated people who (bonus) happen to be parents too!  We feel so fortunate to have been chosen as advisors to Huckleberry, as we work together towards the goal of making a good nights sleep accessible to all families. 

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