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There's more than one right way to improve your child's sleep

Customized sleep solutions for your baby or child that are informed by science and experience. Consult with an expert today.

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To help parents improve their child's sleep in a way that feels right to them, both by using what is known about the science of infant and child sleep and by acknowledging and respecting the strong attachments and associations babies develop.

Phone Consultations

Complete a comprehensive intake form and then meet with one of our expert sleep consultants to create a personalized plan that feels right for both you and your baby.

Resource Blog

Browse our extensive online library for the most up-to-date, research-based and accessible information on a wide range of infant and toddler sleep topics for children ages 0-4 years.

Nighttime Sleep Class

An online video series that will teach you how to prepare for and implement a customized nighttime sleep training plan for you and your baby. 

Free Webinars

Our free 15-30 minute webinars are ideal for your commute or a quick break in your day. Learn about early waking, toddler sleep issues, illness, daylight savings, night feedings, and sleep hygiene.

baby sleep Books

Our nap training and sleep regression books are concise enough to read in just one or two sittings. In a matter of hours you'll have a complete action plan for solving your baby's sleep problem.


With Baby Sleep Science, you always have options for the highest-quality information—whether it's through our
nighttime baby sleep class, free webinars, information-rich articles and books, or with a personalized sleep consult.


"I can’t thank Baby Sleep Science enough for their support helping me get my child to sleep through the night {....} I am now more confident in dealing with my child’s sleep, even when we have regressions or age transitions."


"The thing nobody tells you is that the way your baby sleeps (and by default, the way your family sleeps) is pretty individualized and personal. After reading books and articles on sleep and trying everything, I realized I needed someone whom I could walk through how an actual night in our house works, and get some advice. Doing a sleep consult got us a real-life plan that took into account our schedules, our goals for breastfeeding, and our parenting philosophies. Most importantly, the advice was based in research, not anecdotes or fads, so as my son grew and went through different phases, I knew what to do: Stick to the plan."


"When my daughter was a baby, I felt so much anxiety and even failure as I navigated her sleep development, despite reading several well-known sleep books. I was determined to have a better experience with my son. Thanks to your helpful blogs and Facebook posts, I’ve been able to understand and anticipate his developmental changes, support his sleep needs, and take proactive measures to prevent some of the problems we had with my daughter. We are all sleeping much better as a result, and I know that if we run into trouble, you’ll be there to help us through it. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for our family! We are lucky to have you."


"BSS literally has a blog post on every scenario / question you might have. There is so much contradictory info out there, by parents that may have had just one type of baby. If I did it over again I would just stick to BSS advice and skip the others."


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