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Solve Bedtime Battles with a Win-Win Outcome

It happens to the best of us. After finally hitting your stride with your little one’s bedtime routine and mastering his or her sleep schedule, suddenly something changes. Your toddler won’t go to sleep as quickly and easily as he or she once did. Bedtime can turn into a stream of requests, pop-ups, arguments and even tears—for both of you! But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we have this FREE webinar about toddler bedtime battles for you to watch.

Solve toddler sleep issues

Click image to play webinar.

Guided by Juliet Taylor, MS, LBA, BCBA, a board-certified and licensed behavior analyst with Baby Sleep Science, this 17-minute video will give you fun, positive strategies to help you deal with bedtime battles and have you and your toddler enjoying bedtime again. You’ll also learn:

  • How to decode the “battle” with your little one at bedtime

  • How to (re)establish a smooth bedtime routine

  • How to avoid “one more” requests that prolong bedtime

Once you understand the very common developmental reasons behind your toddler’s resistance to sleep, you can adjust your expectations accordingly and start taking steps to end the struggle. If you still feel stuck after checking out this webinar and other resources, don’t hesitate to schedule a phone consult with us for some personalized one-on-one support. We’re here to help!

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Need More Help?

We offer several options for optimizing your child's sleep:

SLEEP TRAINING CLASS (for well babies 6-15 months)

PHONE CONSULTATIONS (with one of our sleep experts)

THE SECRET TO NAPS (downloadable e-book)


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