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As toddlers and preschool-aged children grow and develop emotionally, they begin to attach meaning to their experiences. Much of this development is positive, like feeling proud when finishing a peg puzzle or feeling happy to see a familiar friend at the playground. Th...

November 26, 2018

(Updated and revised from an earlier version.)

If you follow our blogs, then you probably know that we support the idea that you just do what works (as long as it’s safe) to help your baby sleep during travel or illness. Although slipping into survival mode is usually t...

November 19, 2018

(Updated and revised from an earlier version.) 

Going away for the holidays? Going to be sleeping in a living room on an air mattress one foot away from your baby? Siblings or cousins sharing a bed? Sharing a hotel room? No separate room or bed for your baby to sleep in...

October 10, 2018

’Tis the season for sniffles. Every year as the weather turns cooler, babies and young children everywhere are exposed to a myriad of germs at daycare, school, the library, you name it. And while most of the time this exposure can be good for building up your little on...

August 10, 2018

Scientific overview of basic baby sleep topics including what drives your baby and child to sleep, night sleep, day sleep, sleep environment, and sleep training.

There are two primary causes of a split night of baby sleep: poor napping and extra-early bedtimes, and night disruption. Includes fixes remedy a split night and answers to common questions regarding disruptions on your baby’s night sleep schedule.

November 5, 2014

How to recognize and address the five most common types of night wakings for babies older than 5 months: false starts, difficulty falling asleep, frequent night wakings (every 60-90 mins), frequent night wakings (every 2-3 hours), and frequent night wakings (every 10-2...

June 30, 2014

We are big fans of waiting until your child is good and ready for toilet training before attempting to begin! For some children, this may be under age 2 and for others not until age 3 or later. Summer is often easier than winter.   Watch for interest and readiness, ple...

June 12, 2014

Teething gets blamed for a lot of sleep disruption. It’s almost a knee – jerk reaction by parents to explain away their child’s frequent night wakings at the first sign of drool or the first time a fist goes into the mouth.

The Science: Your child will teethe on and off...

May 14, 2014

How to address physical milestones that can result in sleep regression including rolling, sitting, crawling, and pulling up to a stand.

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