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Early morning waking is a common sleep problem for babies. If your baby’s sleep pattern is stuck too early, then you’ll need to adjust his/her circadian rhythm in order to achieve a permanently later wake time.

March 4, 2020

We are trying something new this year. Every year we post our Daylight Savings Time blogs for babies and toddlers. We have spent a lot of time putting super important info in those blogs, but we also know it is a LOT to read through! So, we created this infographi...

We posted our blog on Daylight Savings Time and babies yesterday. Today we focus on toddlers! The spring DST shift can be a particular problem for toddlers who have increased stamina to RESIST sleep when they want to.  Said another way, toddlers need to feel some amoun...

Remember when you were younger....maybe high school or college? And you really disliked the "Spring Ahead" time change because it meant you had to wake up an hour earlier in order to get to work or class on time? You'll still feel the same as a parent, but ironically,...

March 3, 2020

Is your child awake for the day at a time that most civil people would consider nighttime? If so, then the spring daylight savings time transition is the perfect time to get back on track. Fixing early waking is one of the hardest problems to solve, because the circadi...

November 1, 2019

(Updated and revised from an earlier post.)

On Sunday, November 3, 2019, at 2:00am we will “fall back” and set our clocks back by an hour. This means 2:00am will become 1:00am by the clock. The following are steps to shift your child’s body clock gradually 1 hour...

We know there are people out there who either just didn’t realize that the “fall back” DST transition was this weekend or who don’t feel like it’s a big deal (or who are too darn tired to care—hugs). However, it may become a big deal if your baby or toddler is up an ho...

We love these longer summer days, but it's also the season for early waking for many babies.  This infographic is a great starting point for some quick-fix ideas.  If you need additional help, try our more comprehensive blog on the same topic located here.

November 19, 2018

(Updated and revised from an earlier version.) 

Going away for the holidays? Going to be sleeping in a living room on an air mattress one foot away from your baby? Siblings or cousins sharing a bed? Sharing a hotel room? No separate room or bed for your baby to sleep in...

August 10, 2018

Scientific overview of basic baby sleep topics including what drives your baby and child to sleep, night sleep, day sleep, sleep environment, and sleep training.

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