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March 3, 2018

Is your child awake for the day at a time that most civil people would consider nighttime? If so, then the spring daylight savings time transition is the perfect time to get back on track. Fixing early waking is one of the hardest problems to solve, because the circadi...

May 24, 2017

Most parents know that having a consistent bedtime routine is an important element in fostering good sleep habits. You can read more about that here. But many parents don’t realize it can be just as important to have a solid morning routine that signifies the end of ni...

May 19, 2015

We’ve been hearing a LOT about parents experimenting with melatonin lately and we feel that it’s important that you know the facts about melatonin before you consider giving it to your child.

First, a quick disclaimer:  We are big fans of health and wellness, although w...

January 20, 2015

Erin Evans PhD MPH ALM and Meg Casano BSN MA

We read a really sad exchange of messages on a popular parenting/baby site the other day.  We know the mom who was shamed is not alone and we wanted to reach out to her and others like her to say:

You’re tired. You’re tir...