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The Loved Child


Parenting Support & Education 


The Loved Child’s (TLC's) team of experts is dedicated to supporting parents wherever they are on their parenting journey – beginning from the exciting time of expectancy, through those first joyful and exhausting weeks of nurturing a newborn and continuing throughout the years of caring for young children, tweens, and teens. TLC’s consortium of perinatal, child development & behavior, parenting, wellness, and nutrition professionals facilitate both live (not pre-recorded) group and individual services. 


We welcome you to join our weekly classes to meet other families and to gather helpful tools for your parent toolbox. If you have a specific parenting concern or question, we invite you to participate in one of our many expert-facilitated workshops or private one-on-one consultations. With everything from prenatal services, new parent & infancy classes, parenting workshops on topics such as taming tantrums and toilet training, to discussions on how to successfully talk with your teen, TLC’s team of experts will be by your side for your entire parenting journey.

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